Beach umbrellas are, by virtue of their design, small parachutes. They will catch the wind. A large canopy will provide shade but also results in greater wind load, especially when the umbrella is used in the tilted position. Finding the sweet spot between gaining enough shade while addressing the constantly shifting ocean breezes on any given day can be a challenge.

Up until recently, a 6.5′ beach umbrella had been the standard. The most common size these days is now the 7′ foot canopy. We even offer a large 8′ foot beach umbrella.

Which size is best for you? We’ve been on the beach for decades now. Let us guide you in the decision making process. Call a beach umbrella expert now at 480-600-1049. We’d love to answer your questions whether you buy from us or not. Nothing beats a day at the beach. And a beach umbrella is always the must-have beach product.

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