Umbrella Replacement Canopy

A patio umbrella replacement canopy is a smart purchase when considering what to do with your old torn and faded top cover. We learned years ago that most consumers leave their umbrellas out in the elements even when not sitting under the shade. This often results in a torn, faded and dingy canopy even though the protected frame underneath looks just fine. Why toss the entire umbrella in the landfill when you can just replace the canopy?

Note: We don’t make canopies for cantilever/offset umbrellas due to the lack of uniformity in manufacturing of these umbrellas.

Important: The first step in replacing an old worn, torn and faded patio umbrella canopy is to accurately measure your existing umbrella to ensure a good fit with the replacement. On each product page you will find a link to our helpful how-to-measure video to guide you in the process. Or call Mark now for expert advice at 480-600-1049.

Shade USA has a particular method for measuring to ensure that our umbrella replacement canopies will fit your frame. We measure the radius of your existing frame and the inside diameter of your old canopy’s grommet. See this video guide on how to accurately measure an existing umbrella for compatibility

We understand the reluctance to take the time to measure. It’s a short process really and saves you the loss of money in having to return a mismatched shade product. You can also give Mark a call @ 480-600-1049 to explain the process.


  • 6.5′ canopies fit frames with a 39-40″ radius
  • 9′ canopies fit frames with a 54-55.5″ radius
  • 11′ canopies fit frames with a 66-67.5″ radius

Does your umbrella frame’s radius measure outside the ranges listed above? We may have a solution. Call 480-600-1049 to discuss.

We offer replacement canopies in all the popular sizes, materials and price points. We even have fade resistant options like Protexture™ and Sunbrella®. See our handy guide to selecting a fabric for your new patio umbrella replacement canopy.

Umbrella manufacturers use different specs, so be sure to see our helpful on-page video to guide you in your size selection and to check compatibility. And. of course, we’re always happy to talk to you about your exact needs in size and fabric. Give us a call now and let us help you select the right umbrella replacement canopy: 480-600-1049.

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