Commercial Grade Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are popular for commercial use too. Looking for a sturdy commercial grade patio for your resort, hotel, winery restaurant or cafe? Our catalog features one of the widest offerings of commercial grade umbrellas on the net.

You may notice that our commercial patio umbrella category does not include umbrellas that tilt. A tilted umbrella in a commercial hazard is difficult to maneuver around. A tilted umbrella also dramatically adds to the wind load bearing on an umbrella’s canopy.

But what size is best for your application? Aluminum or wooden? Tilt, crank or neither? And what about durability and fade resistant qualities. Let’s talk about saving you some time and money while getting what you need and fast. Let our commercial grade expert help you pinpoint the best umbrella for you. Call Mark Taylor now at 480-600-1049.

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