TeleBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella


Telebrella® telescoping portable travel beach umbrella:

Features include:

  • Fully portable beach umbrella is designed to fit inside your suitcase. Folded dimensions are 24″ long x 6″ diameter
  • SPF 50. Always use sunscreen lotions and clothing to protect from the reflecting ground-level rays.
  • All aluminum metal-framed beach umbrella will not rust and weighs just 10 pounds.
  • Assembled frame stretches to 7′, making this one of the largest beach umbrellas on the market. Easily shades 2 and gear.
  • Oversized wind vent.
  • 4-piece sandbag set depicted are no longer included.
  • Self-anchoring lower pole section saves $ and carry weight over having to purchase a separate anchoring device.
  • 2 carry bags: pack/carry when folded or fully assembled. Don’t worry about trying to fit your TeleBrella® in it’s bags. We’ve made them roomy and aggravation-free.
  • Add a set of beach umbrella hooks for just $11.95. Click here for product details
  • Click here to see a helpful side-by-side comparison of our two travel ready portable beach umbrellas: PortaBrella® and TeleBrella®PortaBrella® VS TeleBrella®

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TeleBrella® was designed for the air-traveling beach enthusiasts who want to hit the beaches with their own beach umbrella. Why risk the cost and availability over being able to find a nasty rental beach umbrella when you can take you own?

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

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So glad I found this!

I searched for a while and finally found this high quality umbrella that fits in my suitcase! No more wasting money on rentals, and I can enjoy the beach and protect myself from more skin cancer. My husband was impressed with how easy it was to set up and the great quality as well! Other brands had bad reviews on quality…this is the one you should buy for sure!

Mark McPherson
So far so good 👍

Using it in Mexico and it seems to be holding up well.
The clips supplied to keep the umbrella from collapsing in the wind are a must, sometimes 2 on 1 arm. I think if the plastic clamps were redesigned, the umbrella would be indestructible. Still have 10 more days on the beach, so I will see how it goes.
It would be nice if It fit in as a personal item for flying. Fine for carry on.

Mark Banjak
I can’t imagine anything better.

I have brought this to Spain twice. Both years it worked great. Really the best beach umbrella possible. If it breaks, I will only come back here to buy another one. I am only having a problem replacing my suitcase with another one. You need a 26” suitcase. I don’t like the spinner ones because I add a bag on the extra bag hook. Anyway, no problems with the Umbrella.

Carolyn K
Innovative and Effective

First trip with the umbrella was to south padre island texas. It fit in my suitcase along with our other beach equipment. Nice and light weight too.

On the beach it was windy as we were there between hurricane storms. The umbrella stood up to the winds fine. I did have to use the extra clips on the veins which were taking the blunt of the wind. By placing two on each of the front sections it worked perfectly.

Initially I was concerned about the clips but in the end something so simple was a great solution.

The screw worked well to anchor the pole in the sand. The size is great for two people. Having the extra case to hold the assembled umbrella is nice for once you are at your destination.

I wish I had bough the sand anchors with my initial order but they were sold out. Something for next time.


This company was great I would order from here again. I ordered during the COVID peak and there was a big delay so the company sent me a this upgraded umbrella. The umbrella is super easy to put together and stays straight in the sand. I have had no issues with the wind blowing due to the vents.