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Telebrella® telescoping portable travel beach umbrella:

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TeleBrella® was designed for the air-traveling beach enthusiasts who want to hit the beaches with their own beach umbrella. Why risk the cost and availability over being able to find a nasty rental beach umbrella when you can take you own?

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Weight 10 lbs

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William Smith
Great Product

We got this umbrella for our trip to Turks & Caicos, so we could visit more remote beaches and have some shade. It was light and small for travel. It fit in a checked-bag sized suit case. It was too big to go in our small carry-on suit case, but we knew that before we bought it and planned to check a bag. It was easy to assemble in our hotel room, so we could take it to the beach. It worked great on the beach--very sturdy and easy to set up. We bought this umbrella based on reviews, and we weren't disappointed. Overall--great product.

David LaPalombara
Great Umbrella!

I researched numerous packable beach umbrellas on the internet and purchased the TeleBrella based on the excellent customer feedback. Fit easily into my suitcase and didn't take up too much room. We used it for a weeklong trip to Puerto Rico and It performed exactly as advertised. Perfect for 2 people. A great beach umbrella!

Brandon Keaffaber

We used the TelleBrella for the last two weeks in Florida on Lido Key, had it in my suitcase from Indiana and the fit is great. I really love this umbrella. It's a great size for 2 and stays very stable. We were in some pretty high winds and this umbrella stayed put. The only thing I will say is the material makes a flapping noise in high winds. Not a huge deal but does get pretty loud. Again,, I love this umbrella.

Great product!

The TeleBrella is perfect for traveling and is a quality product. I bought two of them for a recent trip to Hawaii. We spent multiple days on the beach with four of us. The umbrellas worked perfectly providing the much needed shade. They were easy to set up and carry to and from the beach. Couldn’t be happier!

B Lindenlaub
Well Made, Great for Air Travel

We like going to the beach, but renting umbrellas at the beach gets expensive. So we decided to see what kind of shades are available that will fit in a suitcase for air travel. At first I was drawn to the stretchy tarps with sandbags in the corners, but then I learned that some areas (such as Myrtle Beach) don't allow 4-legged shade structures, only umbrellas. Then I found the TelaBrella and decided to give it at try. We just returned from Florida where we used it for 5 days. It fits easily in a medium-sized suitcase for travel. We pre-assembled it in our hotel room before carrying it down to the beach in order to simplify the set-up. It seems well-made and provided just enough shade for the two of us. This is a great umbrella.