TeleBrella® Portable Beach Umbrella


Telebrella® telescoping portable travel beach umbrella:

Features include:

  • Fully portable beach umbrella is designed to fit inside your suitcase. Folded dimensions are 24″ long x 6″ diameter
  • SPF 50. Always use sunscreen lotions and clothing to protect from the reflecting ground-level rays.
  • All aluminum metal-framed beach umbrella will not rust and weighs just 9 pounds.
  • Assembled frame stretches to 7′, making this one of the largest beach umbrellas on the market. Easily shades 2 and gear.
  • Oversized wind vent.
  • 4-piece sandbag set depicted are no longer included.
  • Self-anchoring lower pole section saves $ and carry weight over having to purchase a separate anchoring device.
  • 2 carry bags: pack/carry when folded or fully assembled. Don’t worry about trying to fit your TeleBrella® in its bags. We’ve made them roomy and aggravation-free.
  • Add a set of beach umbrella hooks for just $11.95. Click here for product details
  • Click here to see a helpful side-by-side comparison of our two travel ready portable beach umbrellas: PortaBrella® and TeleBrella®PortaBrella® VS TeleBrella®

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TeleBrella® was designed for the air-traveling beach enthusiasts who want to hit the beaches with their own beach umbrella. Why risk the cost and availability over being able to find a nasty rental beach umbrella when you can take you own?

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Customer Reviews

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kerry jones
Worked great !!!!

We bought one and it worked as advertised. We were traveling by plane and it did fit in a large suitcase without adding a lot of weight.

Randy T
Great travel beach umbrellas

Summary, love these umbrellas. Bought two Telebrella's and two sets of sand bags.

I bought these umbrellas because our timeshare raised the daily rental price to the point it just took a few days for the umbrellas to pay for themselves. So now they are “free” to use. Wish they had raised their prices before, so I would have looked earlier. Pros easily outweigh the cons. Add in the cost benefit and its really a no brainer if you rent umbrellas at a beach.

My tip
Connect the two extensions to the bottom piece and then screw it down into the sand. It's much easier to get it straight this way. If you just screw down the bottom piece by itself, it’s hard to judge if it’s vertical.
I also shortened the sandbag strings, thought they were little too long as they come.

Don't have to schedule around when the activity hut opens to get umbrellas and then show them where to put them.
Can set up any time we want instead of when they open. We always waited for them since we wake up early
Don't have to wonder when they are going to take the umbrella down in the afternoon.
Don't have to decide if it is worth it to get umbrellas when the weather is iffy. Especially since forecasts can be wrong.
Don't need to stay all day at the beach. Can just come for a little while if we want.
Biggest pro is savings, our timeshare charges a lot for one umbrella a day now, they paid for themselves in 3 days at the beach.

Have to bring umbrellas from room to the beach. The carry bag makes it easier, and they are pretty light.
Have to pack umbrellas in check in bag to bring.
Have to let them down for lunch, or when away for a longer time to be safe, put pop back up when you come back. After a couple of times, this was easy so no big deal.

I wondered if I would have problems on windy days. It was fine, even when it got very windy. One afternoon, wind really picked up, and all the Costco Tommy B umbrellas were packed up, so by later it was just our umbrella and hotel umbrellas that were still out. Another day a big gust of wind knocked an arm down. So we installed the little binder clips and no more problems. On windy days, we also added a sand bag or two, connecting the sand bag to the upper part of the pole as instructed by customer service. I would locate the sand bag in the direction of the wind. So if you stood at pole and faced sand bag, you’d be facing the wind. Not sure if this was necessary, but it made me feel better.

Laura Frye
Awesome quality thoughtful design excellent customer service

Reached out to company to ask a question and got prompt service. Once I got the product I put it together to test it out and it is fabulous. I spend 10 weeks a year on beaches and have used just about every beach shade or umbrella imaginable from pop ups to tents to shade sails to the usual beach umbrellas sold at Costco, you name it. They’ve all failed or broke or just didn’t perform. I have spent probably $1,000 over the years on these various items as well as rentals. This is literally the first product that checks ALL the boxes: portable, fits in a checked bag, easy storage when at home, unbreakable frame, good quality materials, easy set up AS WELL AS easy take down and easy to put back in the damn bag. As others have said, when possible, you can assemble the umbrella in the hotel and take the bigger bag (which is included and thankfully, not an extra accessory) to save even more time at the beach. I have used (and junked) so many other products that were ok in one or two of these areas but so bad in the other areas that it wasn’t suitable for me. I have cursed a lot (and loudly) in trying to take down other products while I am hot, wet, sunburnt and ready to leave. This is a dream to take down. If this one ever were to break I would not hesitate to buy another of this exact same type. It’s a complete winner for me and a game changer. I look forward to telling everyone on the beach all about this umbrella cause This one will definitely draw a crowd upon assembly.

overall great umbrella

Overall I would say this umbrella worked great. It sets up easy, has a nice roomy carry bag, and provides good shade. We used ours for the first time when we went to Mexico for a month. Quite a few windy days in Playa del Carmen. We definitely had to use our makeshift sand bag to hold it down and use the clips provided to keep the ribs from collapsing down in a heavy wind. Once we used the clips, it never collapsed again even in heavy winds. The only minimal gripe I have is I wish they designed it with something else that prevented it from collapsing down other than the oversized paper clips. It looks a little dorky to me. Add something that does the same thing that doesn't look out of place I am not complaining about the effectiveness of the fix, just the look of the fix. Overall great umbrella and very glad we bought it!

Thank you for taking the time to write an informative review. We hear you loud and clear regarding your critique of the aesthetics of the rib clips. We designed TeleBrella in response to our customer’s request for a larger version of our original travel beach umbrella, PortaBrella. It took over a year to formulate the best design possible and then find a manufacturer for such a unique product. We ultimately settled on a manufacturer of camera tripods. They had expertise in producing high-quality telescoping supports. All manufacturers of umbrellas recommend against the use of an umbrella in windy conditions. They are giant top-heavy wind catchers by virtue of their design. A consumer traveling to a faraway beach has little choice but to consider using their umbrella in any condition. In some instances, they’re stuck, to some extent, and will keep their umbrella open to the point of failure. We felt the need to offer an extra layer of support. We experimented with many types of rib-supporting devices, some of our own designs. Ultimately, the ubiquitous notebook clips performed impressively, as you note in your review. The secret sauce in the clips turned out to be that the irregular shape of the clips’ interior closely matches the unusual shape of the ribs, making for a tight grip.

So glad I found this!

I searched for a while and finally found this high quality umbrella that fits in my suitcase! No more wasting money on rentals, and I can enjoy the beach and protect myself from more skin cancer. My husband was impressed with how easy it was to set up and the great quality as well! Other brands had bad reviews on quality…this is the one you should buy for sure!