Our online privacy policy

Online Security

Ordering products at ShadeUSA.com is simple, safe and secure. From time to time our customers call to place orders online. Of course, we are happy to oblige. However, it is important to note that our operators use the exact same secured online ordering form which you would use when placing the order yourself (you will know that you are using a secured web site when the “http” prefix changes to “https”. There is no real advantage to placing your order via telephone. We encourage our customers to order online for faster shipping as the shipping invoice is generated immediately upon completion of your order and directly emailed to our shipping department for packaging. Please note that credit card information is never emailed. All credit card information is processed using encryption and then deleted from our server. In fact, we are unable to capture or store any credit card information after the transaction has been completed. Further questions about our online security? Please call Mark Taylor at 480-600-1049