Beach Umbrellas

A beach umbrella has been the simplest shade product to take to the beach for over 100 years. Beach umbrellas (parasols) are simple to set up and provide lots of sun blocking features to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your skin.

Shade USA has been an industry-leading manufacturer/retailer of high quality innovative beach umbrellas since 1994. We are beach bums at heart always looking for an excuse to head to the shore. Once there, we use and evaluate our products with the beach-going consumer in mind.

Our creative line of beach umbrellas includes Portable beach umbrellas (designed for air travel) like the PortaBrella® and TeleBrella® and our latest invention the patented SunRaker beach umbrella with integrated table (be sure to check it out, you’ll get an idea of where our head’s at when it comes to beach umbrella design).

Whether by air or auto, couples or family reunion, a trip to the beach requires a lot of planning and forethought. Why not let us help? Pick our brains. The beach is our biz after all. In fact, call our resident beach bum Mark Taylor now at 480-600-1049.

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