Sunbrella Replacement Canopies. Made in America! Call for current overstock canopies. See details.


Why throw away a Sunbrella® shade umbrella when all you need is a new replacement canopy? Freshen up your market patio umbrella with a new hand-made genuine Sunbrella® top.

“I couldn’t be happier with my replacement canopy! It is well made, exactly the fabric I was hoping for and fits like a glove. Mark was great to deal with and helped walk me through the ordering process. My canopy even arrived earlier than expected. I will definitely Use Shadeusa again if I need another replacement.”. Gardener – WI

  • Important: The First Step is to accurately measure the radius (half the diameter) of your existing umbrella frame to ensure a perfect fit of your replacement canopy.  See this video guide on how to accurately measure an existing umbrella for compatibility Questions? Call now 480-600-1049.
  • Important: We need four specifications in order to make a brand new Sunbrella® replacement canopy and to ensure a perfect fit of your replacement canopy: 1) the length your umbrella frame’s radius; 2) the inside diameter of the grommet you’d like us to install to the center of your new canopy; 3) the name and item number of the Sunbrella® fabric you’d like us to use (ex: Jockey Red 5403) and the number of ribs. Please see the link to Sunbrella’s online swatch book below. Remember: not all computer monitor’s will display colors the same.
  • Our listed prices are for Sunbrella’s 5400 series furniture grade fabrics. These materials are of solid colors that are soft, supple and stretch nicely when the umbrella is cranked open and fold down tightly when closed. We can make your new genuine Sunbrella® replacement umbrella canopy from any of the wide array of offerings. However, many of these other-than-5400-series options come with a premium upcharge for the fabric.
  • You can order a Sunbrella® swatch at
  • Single-vented. While uncommon, we can make a double-vented canopy at plus $50 for the extra material and labor.
  • 6.5′ Replacement canopies (5400 series Sunbrella® fabric). Our standard 6.5′ canopies fit 6-rib umbrellas with frame radius measuring 39-40″.   $129.95.
  • 7.5′ Replacement canopies (5400 series Sunbrella® fabric).  Our standard 7.5′ canopies fit 8-rib umbrellas with frame radius measuring 48-49″.  $149.95.
  • 9′ Replacement canopies (5400 series Sunbrella® fabric). Our standard 9′ canopies fit 8-rib umbrellas with frame radius measuring 54-56″.  $159.95.
  • 11′ Replacement canopies (5400 series Sunbrella® fabric). Our standard 11′ canopies fit 8-rib umbrellas with frame radius measuring 66-68″. $209.95.
  • Not compatible with cantilever/offset style patio umbrellas.
  • Canopies are single-vented.

Order in any Sunbrella color (Important note: Above price quotes are for any 5400 series furniture-grade Sunbrella fabrics). Note: Your Sunbrella canopy is a custom order and requires at least 2-3 weeks to produce. Prices listed are for 5400 series Sunbrella fabric. For quick assistance or a price quote on other than 5400 fabrics series please call Mark Taylor at 480-600-1049.

Not particular on any certain Sunbrella fabric and want a faster ship time? We have a very limited supply of pre-made Sunbrella 9′ canopies that can ship iummediately. Call/text Mark now for availability: 480-600-1049


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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews

Excellent replacement. I’m hoping the fabric holds up in the California sun. Excellent service

Kathy S
Great customer service

I called in my order to Mark who was very helpful and friendly. He estimated delivery would be a few weeks at least but I actually got my order less than a week after placing it! The custom work was perfect. The material itself, made by Sunbrella, was thinner and stretchier than what I had on my older umbrella, also Sunbrella. Hopefully the quality and durability is good.

Dan C
Sunbrella Canopy

We wanted a good quality and US-made replacement canopy for our umbrella and found the Sunbrella product to fit our requirements. Sunbrella is slightly more expensive than other brands but the extra cost is worth it because of the quality. Super fast delivery for our order. We highly recommend ShadeUSA.

Heidi D
Made-to-order canopy fits perfectly

I ordered a new canopy for my somewhat oddball-sized umbrella. I just received the new canopy, and it fits perfectly. I was warned in advance about delays with fabric shortages, but that was no issue...I preferred to get a well-made canopy vs worrying about speed of delivery. And the delay was very slight. Thank you!

Erich Meager
Fantastic service

Knowing that materials were on short supply, I ordered replacement canopies for two umbrellas with an anticipated ship date of September. Living in Palm Springs, I wasn’t go to be spending much time outdoors for the summer, so the date worked fine. I was extremely pleased when my order arrived just a few weeks later thanks to their supplier finding the requested fabric for my order. The canopies fit perfectly and now I have three matching umbrellas instead of a mish-mash of orange hues.