Portable Travel-Ready Beach Chair: The Break Away Chair™


Features include:

  • All aluminum no-rust frame.
  • Silver powder coated.
  • Super compact when folded: 27″ x 6″ diameter.
  • Lightweight at just 4.5 pounds.
  • Rugged 250 pound weight limit.
  • Flared connection points for easy snap-together assembly.
  • Dual gear pocket/drink holder.
  • Mesh gear pouch on backrest.
  • Padded foam head rest.
  • Padded leg rest.
  • Carry Bag.
  • Seat is 20″ x 18″ Wide. Back rest is 20″ x 22″ Tall
  • Seat is apprx 11″ off the ground on hard surface.
  • Copper connector buttons will never rust.
  • See The Break Away Chair Portable Travel Beach Chair Video
  • Special note: every now and then a chair is assembled backwards after rolling it out of the carry bag. Check out this video to re-orient the chair back if you find yourself in this situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJHX_2lgDLM


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Weight 7 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great chair

Great chair, easy to assemble and compact to bring for air travel.

William Giraldo
great chairs

these are very light weight
these are very strong
these held up well on a single beach trip
cant vouch for long term use though
very comfortable
i weigh 195lbs held my weight no problem
great that they pack for travel
great price I guess nothing to compare with
definitely approve over all

Timothy Spurlock
These chairs are awesome

It always drives us crazy that it's impossible to get beach chairs these days unless you pay for them or fight over them. We live in Ohio, so we always fly.

We bought two chairs. They fit in a large suitcase. Took 5 minutes to assemble both of them. Literally, 8 clicks and they were done. You don't really even need directions.

They are comfortable, sturdy and easy to carry. At the end of the day, you fold them up and carry back to your hotel or condo. They arent heavy at all.

Its easy to move them down to the edge of the water and because they aren't full length, you don't look obnoxious when. you do that.

I'll be buying two more for my grown kids next time we all go to the beach together.

Great product!

Kirby Holmes
DayTrip Beach Chair Issue: Solved!

After a lengthy search to solve my dilemma at beaches when I travel to those not affiliated with my resort or on resort day trips, I bought a couple of these a few yrs ago. They fit perfectly in luggage and I’ve even placed them in overhead, without issue. The concept and design size are perfect for air flight and when in use, they do support the body weight they promote. I’m a beach lover so they’re light weight, portable and airy, really perfect for the beach. I have found that disassembling and restoring it in the tote after use can be a bit cumbersome. (Although I travel frequently, maybe I need to travel more and get more reps in!) Sand can interfere with disassemble so I’ve had to use a towel to wipe it from around the tube locks so they depress easily and unlock the tubes smoothly. I’ve found that getting them back in the tote after use, and remembering how the pieces lay together to insert in the bag is a bit stressful.
To summarize I highly recommend this product and will buy a few more this yr. It’s the best solution I’ve found that solves the air travel-to-beach issue yet, and keeps more cash in my pocket for vacation cocktails😃!

Yes definitely

We just used these chairs for a beach vacation. Fits in check in bag for plane. Good quality. Easy to set up and take down