9′ Aluminum Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella, Aluminum Ribs

$149.95 $109.95

Patio umbrellas with auto tilt feature are recommended when a patio umbrella is inserted to a table. The tilt is activated at the handle so you won’t have to reach up and over the table to gain access to a tilt button release. Our Commercial Grade Auto Tilt Market Umbrellas feature:

  • Rugged poly canvas and Protexture 9′ arc canopies with minimum 300 gram (600 denier) weight. See more about our fabric colors here.
  • Available in all the standard colors and new Shade USA exclusive colors.
  • Indestructible heavy duty frame in chocolate brown textured frame finish
  • 1 1/2″ pole for stronger support than standard round poles
  • 8 ribbed canopy support
  • Industrial crank lift.
  • Sturdy auto gravity fed tilting umbrella
  • Vented blow through canopy
  • Finial top
  • Select from rugged 300 gram poly canvas or upgrade to extended life Protexture™ (plus $15).
  • 16 Pounds
  • See 9′ Commercial Grade Patio Umbrella Product Video
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  • $109.95
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