Select a 5400 series Sunbrella fabric

Sunbrella 5400 Series Selection Process

Our listed pricing is for any 5400 series furniture-grade Sunbrella fabrics. Furniture grade fabrics are recommended for umbrellas because they are soft and supple materials which stretch nicely over an expandable frame.

We can make a canopy using any of Sunbrella’s vast grades, even those outside the 5400 series offering.  Most, awning grades, for example, will have a minimum $40 upcharge for the raw yardage. Fabrication costs and fade warranties are the same regardless of the fabric selected.

Sunbrella has a minimum fade warranty of 5 years. This is conservative by our estimates as most will last 10 years or better, making a $40 upcharge compute to $4/year. Get the fabric you want.

To find a 5400 series fabric please click on the link below to arrive at Sunbrella’s online swatch book. Once you have landed at follow these steps:

  1. Click the image with the text, “All Fabrics”
  2. Scroll to the “Filters”.
  3. Select your color family
  4. Under “Pattern Types” select solids
  5. Remember, all 5400 series Sunbrella fabrics are solids. We can make an umbrella canopy out of any fabric, however, any selection outside the 5400 series will have an upcharge. Our list prices are for any 4-digit item number beginning with 54, example Jockey Red 5403. Sort through the listing for any 5400 series options.

    Call/text Mark Taylor at 480-600-1049 if you need assistance.

  6. Ready to go? Please click here to sort through Sunbrella® fabric options (opens new browser window).