Dunebuggy Chairs/Sand Cart


It’s a chair, it’s a cart! Holds 10x its own weight. Perfect for the beach, park, playing fields. The Dunebuggy makes hauling your gear a breeze.

  • Durable rubber-treaded contoured wheels flow easily over all surfaces.
  • White rust-resistant powder coated aluminum frame seats up to 250 lbs.
  • Hauls 75 pounds of clothing and gear.
  • Padded arm rests swivel out of the way.
  • Convenient storage flap on chair back.
  • 3-position recline.
  • Folds to a flat folds to 13″L x 22″W x 42″H.
  • Pacific blue
  • Note: this item drop ships in 3-5 business days.
  • 8 pounds.


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Weight 35 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Diane Lagasse

I have had many of these chairs over the years for a very long period of time. When it falls apart I order another. I think I have had at least 6 chairs (maybe more) over time. My husband keeps a couple of old ones in the garage for spare parts. I have the chair in blue and previous years you had yellow and I think, red? The chair is Very convenient to haul my stuff from my car to the beach. Very light. Carries weight well. There have been so many people stopping me to inquire where I got the chair that I probably should get a commission for selling it for you..ha-ha. On the downside, there is an opening between the backrest and the bottom of the seat that tends to open up over time and allows some items to fall through. The gap is more significant if you bring the chair down to a supine position. Back adjustment can also be finicky. I would have given the chair 5 stars had it not been for these shortcomings.

Fran Shea
I sent it back

Not right for my needs.

Have had it for 19 years!!

Used first one for 19 years! Finally needs replaced. I can put beach bag and cooler on it and easily wheel it over beach sand. Folks on the beach always ask me where I got my chair!!

Long lasting!

I had this chair somewhere between 15 and 20 years. The only thing that let go on it was the two rubber gaskets circling the outside of the back to wheels. If I could have gotten new rubbers I would still have the chair. Everything else about it was still great. But the rubber just got old and cracked and broke. I highly recommend the chair for anyone that can afford it.

Cape Cod Clodene
15 years- still love it

I have had this chair for 15 years. I use it at the beach and on my backyard patio. I love it and get constant compliments on it. I wish you could get parts as the seat just went, and wish it was a little less expensive. I also wish you could buy it locally and avoid the shipping. All and all - wish I had five more!