TeleBrella® set up instructions:

Thank you for purchasing the TeleBrella® travel-ready beach umbrella with telescoping ribs. Please use this handy guide for quick assembly:

TeleBrella stows in 24" carry bag

Parts: Lower pole section with spiral tip and drive handle (1), middle pole sections (2), telescoping frame section (1), oversized top canopy (1), carry bag for collapsed TeleBrella® (1), carry bag for assembled TeleBrella® (1). Set of 4 sandbag tethers is shown but discontinued.

TeleBrella Installation Step 1

Step 1: Insert drive handle and drill lower pole section securely into the sand.

TeleBrella Installation Step 2

Step 2: Insert one of the middle pole sections into the lower pole and secure with locking arm clamp.

TeleBrella Installation Step 3

Step 3: Spread canopy section: Loosen knurled locking hub, pull down and re-tighten locking hub at its lowest point.

TeleBrella Installation Step 4

Step 4: Fully extend inner rib. Tip: this is best accomplished by releasing all slider locks, holding framework upside down allowing gravity to extend the ribs. Lock all ribs into place with slider lock.

TeleBrella Installation Step 5

Step 5: Fully extend each outer rib and lock into place with slider lock.

TeleBrella Installation Step 6

Step 6: Insert remaining middle pole section to assembled canopy section. Secure the two sections with locking arm clamp.

TeleBrella Installation Step 7

Step 7: Pull canopy top over assembled frame.

TeleBrella Installation Step 8

Step 8: Use finger straps to pull canvas rib pockets over each rib. Tip: The final rib or two may be tough to pull due to increased tension. In this case you can release rib slider lock, pulling rib into pocket then re-locking slider.

TeleBrella Installation Step 9

Step 9: Screw centering hub cap to canopy.

TeleBrella Installation Step 10

Step 10: Insert assembled canopy section to lower pole section. Relax!