Surf sider beach tent set up instructions

Surf Sider Beach Tent Instructions

Follow these simple instructions for assembly (click images to enhance):
Surf sider step 1 Surf sider step 1 Surf sider step 3 Surf sider step 4
Lay out your Surf Sider Beach Tent and assemble three sets of shock-corded poles. From bottom of tent, slide two short pole sections through sleeves with “nippled” ends first. Slide single long pole section through top sleeve (leave unconnected to tent corner for now). Tip: It’s best to slide long pole section atop the already inserted shorter pole sections. Slide nippled ends from two short pole sections into brass grommets.

Surf sider step 5

Surf sider step 5

Surf sider step 6

Surf sider tie

Bow two short pole sections…. ….and insert locking pin into open pole end. Insert locking pin into one open end of long pole section. Go to other end of pole section, bow tent and insert final locking pin. Tie pole sections…

Surf sider fill sand

…..fill sand bags