Our policy for shipping USPS

Shipping USPS Flat Rate

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This product qualifies for USPS‘ flat rate shipping options. You have reached this page by clicking a link from a product page that has an on-page UPS shipping rate calculator that will allow you to perform a side-by-side rate comparison between UPS and USPS Flat Rate shipping options. Here’s a few pro/con comparisons to guide you in which shipping option is best for you:

Cost: You can typically save a few bucks by selecting the USPS Flat Rate option. And USPS never adds dimensional weight, residential surcharges, fuel surcharges or Saturday delivery charges.

Delivery: UPS has a dedicated time in transit which is revealed on the product page. USPS‘ delivery times are estimated. In some cases we find USPS beats UPS, others… not so much.

Claims: We can typically start a UPS claim process with 2 business days. With USPS we won’t consider initiating a claim until 2 weeks of the ordering date. We’re saying… give it some time.

Limitations: Flat Rate options are limited to the designated carton size. In most cases, we can only fit 1 item in a carton (the product page will inform you otherwise). If you are ordering multiple items – unless otherwise offered on the product page – then UPS may work best for you.

Bottom line: If price is more important than a guaranteed delivery date, then give USPS a try. Otherwise, we recommend UPS.