How to install your Quadra sun shelter.

Quadra Instruction Sheet

quadra beach cabana
Step 1: Unfold Quadra and assemble two pole sections.
Step 2: Slide both pole sections completely through yellow pole sleeves.
Step 3: Insert securing pin to one end of each pole section.
Step 4: (best achieved with two people): Lift Quadra to bow pole section and slide securing pin into opposite side of pole section. Repeat this step for secondpole section to complete shape of Quadra. Caution: the poles may tend to snag at sleeves during this process.Gently tug at sleeve to release snag. Forcing snag may tearyour shelter.
Step 5: Secure pole sections using tie straps located at top of Quadra.
Step 6: Each side of Quadra has a tension strap which will maintain Quadra’s shape. Assemble tension straps and adjust as needed.
Securing Quadra is simple: fill the sand bags found at each corner and pull sand bags into place outward from each corner. You will also find interior sand pockets located at each corner.