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SunRaker® takes the concept of beach gear convenience to a new level by integrating the table itself to the pole allowing the generous 19″ tabletop to fold with the umbrella and open with a simple downward push. Why add the extra cost and carry weight of a separate beach table? And why spend your day at the beach fighting to keep your food, drinks and gear out of the sand? We’ve made the decision easy by adding our patented folding table into the deal at the same cost as the umbrella without the table.

I never would have guessed how valuable the collapsible table/umbrella combo would be. It is so awesome and helpful. First day of use nearby beachgoers inquired where I got it because they want one too! It’s a hit! I highly recommend it and it is of great value.” Sandy – SoCal

Secure your shady spot on the beach with this handy tethering kit $14.95. You can add these tethers to this umbrella at checkout. Click here for details.


  • Patented: US patents 9706834 and 11559135.
  • Ingenious wrap-around matching table folds and stows conveniently inside carry bag with umbrella.
  • Generous 19″ x 19″ moisture repellant table opens with a gentle downward push and folds with an upward push.
  • Includes two cup holders and two mesh phone pouches.
  • Quik Twist™ self-anchoring beach umbrella sinks pole deep into sand.
  • Self-anchoring. Propeller style screw tip for deep sand penetration. Note: the screw tip’s outside diameter is 2″ and may not be compatible with standalone umbrella anchors.
  • Oversized 7′ 420D oxford canopy. (Umbrellas are measured by the arc, not the opened diameter).
  • Matching carry bag included. Bagged length is 51″.
  • Blocks 96% of all harmful UV Rays UPF 50 (always wear sunscreen to protect from lateral rays).
  • Tilting canopy for maximum sun protection as the sun tracks across the sky
  • Oversized wind vent
  • 1.25″ anodized no-rust silver poles
  • Flexible fiberglass ribs
  • Available in two popular sizes: 7′ (8 ribs) and 8′ (16 ribs) and many beachy colors and styles
  • Now available with adjustable height tabletop (with foldable PVC clamshell drive handles instead of aluminum rod shown).
  • Weighs 6 pounds for 7′ model, 9 pounds for 8′ model.
  • Add a set of beach umbrella hooks for just $11.95. Click here for product details.
  • 7′ $64.95, 8′ $74.95
  • See Beach Umbrella with Table Video
  • See Beach Umbrella with Table Video (close up)
  • Add a set of beach umbrella hooks for just $11.95 (available at checkout)


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Beach Umbrella with patented integrated beach table. The SunRaker® is the latest innovation in sun smart beach umbrellas. SunRaker® incorporates an innovative patent-pending wrap around beach table designed to provide you with sand-free, hands-free convenience to enhance your day at the beach. We’re beach pros and have years of collective beach experience. SunRaker® is our latest beach invention. We recognize that a trip to the beach involves hauling a fair amount of gear to the shoreline. You simply can’t make do without a beach umbrella to protect you and the gang from the sun’s harmful rays. A comfortable beach chair to relax in is second on the list of beach essentials. And then there’s all the secondary items: towel, camera, food, drinks, cell phone, sunscreen, toys… We have a cool Beach Cart to help you get it there. But how to keep everything up and out of the sand? Sure, there’s a few beach table accessories on the market already. In fact, we offer Beach Tables here. Some are freestanding while others slip over and attach to the umbrella pole. However, all of these independent tables just add cost/weight and one more item to lug. SunRaker® product video:   SunRaker® video with close up on table:  

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Weight 12 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Julia Bergstrom


Emma S.
Best purchase of the summer!

We sat under our friend's Sunraker umbrella and immediately bought our own that afternoon.

SO easy to set-up with the screw tip pole & handle. Noticeably shadier and cooler under the Sunraker umbrella than your average beach umbrella. I hope this one lasts us for many summers to come!

Fred Key
Very nice beach umbrella

This is our 3rd Sunraker beach umbrella over the past 15 years and we have been pleased with all of them. The table is convenient but it limits how close your chair can be to the pole. Overall the convenience offsets the space it takes up under the umbrella. All of the Sunraker umbrellas we’ve owned have handled windy conditions well but the latest one does it best. The screw tip on the pole makes it much easier to get the pole in the sand deep enough to handle windy days. We’ve never had a fly-away umbrella even on days when beach service umbrellas are flying. All in all, a very nice beach umbrella at an excellent price.

Took a beating in the wind. Table is a must!

We used it almost every other week-end this summer of 2020 on the East coast of Florida and wanted to write a nice review. One day we had almost 20 mile an hour winds and this umbrella was the only one open on the entire beach. Of course I had 2 tent stakes supporting the side facing the wind to stop the the umbrella from caving in. It did split one of the plastic ends that holds the top material. Was kind of my fault for testing how much of a beating it could take. I used a small zip tie to fix this it, so no big deal. Easy fix! You have a very good product and it warrants the made in the USA label on it. We bought a Nautica beach umbrella from big box store 5 years ago and 20 minutes in a 7 mile an hour wind, the plastic part that allows the umbrella to tilt broke. That was made in China of course. We have seen a lot of victims of high winds in the trash dumpster when exiting the beach, but not yours. Made very strong and know that we will have this one for many years to come and we go to the beach a lot. Thanks again for such a great product.

Kick Your Beach Day Up A Notch

I never would have guessed how valuable the collapsible table/umbrella combo would be. It is so awesome and helpful. First day of use nearby beachgoers inquired where I got it because they want one too! It's a hit! I highly recommend it and it is of great value.

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