11′ Aluminum Replacement Frames


Replacement patio Umbrellas Frame for 11′ foot aluminum patio umbrellas. Replaces 11′ frames with radius measuring 66-67″ (measurement is taken from tip of rib end to center of connecting hub). Why throw a perfectly good shade umbrella in the trash when all you need is a new frame? Questions: Call now for expert advice: 480-600-1049

  • These are complete replacement frames for your patio/market umbrella (lower pole, upper rib support section and finial top). You only need your original canopy.
  • Important: The First Step is to accurately measure your existing umbrella frame. See this video guide on how to accurately measure an existing umbrella for compatibility
  • Our frames are designed for standard round center-pole umbrellas. Be sure to measure for compatibility prior to ordering.
  • Call/text with concerns/questions (Mark @ 480-600-1049)
  • 11′ aluminum commercial grade replacement frame with antique bronze, 1.5″ pole, commercial crank lift, non-tilting and finial cap. 8-rib only. Accepts grommet hole sizes from 1.5″.
  • Click to see our warranty policy on replacement frames.
  • Add auto tilt for $10
  • Add a protective slip cover/storage cover for just $12.95.
  • $109.95

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Weight 20 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Very Pleased

Had a couple of questions that customer service
answered, and then shipped item quickly.
So far, I'm very pleased with the purchase.

Just the base

Lasted thru fall so far.

Kathy Kampman
I need shade!!

My friends call me the "Umbrella Queen" since I currently have 8 umbrellas up in my back yard. All but the cantilever umbrella were purchased from Shade USA. I think I am on my third set all purchased from Shade USA. I like the fact that you can buy the frame and the canopy separately as you need them. I too had some troubles with the tilt mechanism. So, I try not to use that feature. I just put them all together touching to create a large colorful shade area. I really love the travel umbrella. The pole folds in thirds so it fits in your suitcase and is only 6 lbs!

Jim G
11' Market Frame (no Tilt)

Good replacement for our original umbrella frame. I did not want the tilt function as my experience is that is the weakest part of the umbrella and always breaks. When this current one broke at the tilt, the fabric was still in great shape (sunbrella), so we only needed a frame. This non tilting frame works good. My only criticism is that the finial threads are a different size so I couldn't reuse the finial cap from my old umbrella and the cord seems thinner than the previous umbrella, but as long as the nylon cord is UV stable, it should hold up. I plan to replace the other two umbrellas with this when they eventually break at the tilt hinge.

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. The lifting cordage is reinforced, and UV protected. This enables us to use a slightly less bulky cord which lessens the risk of binding around the spool. The only way the cordage can break is if the operator continues to turn the crank once the riser has hit the limiting peg screwed to the support pole. The crank's gearing is low to enable easy lifting of the large frames.

linda bifulco
Not so great

This umbrella isn’t made well, within two weeks the cord broke. Shade USA did send replacement parts but I had to pay $118 as that was not covered by mfg. They said I put up too high and broke the cord. I love shade USA and have bought many umbrellas from them. Never had this happen. I do not recommend this umbrella. You have to pull it tight for it to tilt- I’m sure the cord will snap again at some point. I won’t buy this one again.

Thank you for taking the time to write your review. All crank-lift umbrellas have a stopper mounted to the support pole. The only way a rope can snap is when the user is unaware that the riser has reached the stopper and cannot be raised higher, yet the user continues to turn the crank. The gearing-ratio on our umbrellas is quite low to enable an easy lift. The downside to strong gearing is that it can break the lifting cordage if/when the gears are still being employed once the spreaders have reached their full extension.